December, First Half12/15/2014

Well, after a couple weeks off, I got started again at the first of the month with some activity, almost all big scrambling link-ups in the Flatirons, with gradual amounts of running introduced. The last couple of weeks have been anomalously dry and warm here on the Front Range, so maximizing the good weather with scrambling and climbing has made more sense to me than starting up any skiing yet…

Ides of November11/18/2014

The day-to-day updates here have been lacking, mostly because it’s been that time of year where physical productivity generally drops for me. A few weeks ago my right shin flared back up, making it an easy decision to forget about any competitive ambitions until next year and instead concentrate on the typical (more shin-friendly) off-season activities of climbing, scrambling, hiking, and skiing. The nitty gritty, starting with the 1st of the month:

Back To CO: 10/1 – 1210/13/2014

Wed – Green Mt (1:39, 3000′)
After spending most of the day traveling back from Boston, it was great to get out in the evening for a lap on the hill. A big rainstorm blew through right before I ran, so scrambling was out and I enjoyed a nice, steep ascent up the 3rd access route. A giant cloud enveloped the summit just as I arrived, creating quite the magical atmosphere, and I had the good fortune to bump into Jeff V for some company on the descent…

Aug 25 – 3109/06/2014

8/25/2014 Mon – Chavanne Vieille (1:18, 2500′) Joe and I were determined to find this faint dashed line that we could see on our map but that wasn’t completely obvious in the real world, on the side of a mountain. We explored up the western…

Aug 11 – 2408/26/2014

Mon – Mt. Elbert (2:12, 4500′)
Up West Ridge, down NE Ridge from Halfmoon Creek. Great run. This outing gave me the confidence that I can actually do UTMB. I’ve been maintaining–even improving–my fitness for the past month, but I haven’t been able to do much or any legitimate running. Today’s route involved 45min of running before the 3000′-in-one-mile hump up the backside of the peak and 40min descent down the standard trail. Not only was my shin pain-free with all the running, but I matched my PR for the West Ridge climb despite the crisp temps rendering the talus footing a bit frosty…